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10 April 2020

French and German ministers of agriculture confirm the need for a coordinated, Europe-wide approach to counter Covid-19

Ministers Julia Klöckner and Didier Guillaume have held extensive talks about the impacts of the pandemic on the supply chain and the agriculture and food sectors.

The ministers gave a reminder that the supply of agricultural and food products is guaranteed.

They shared the finding that this crisis is having serious implications for European citizens and underscored the importance of ensuring the viability and resilience of European farms to guarantee supplies to consumers. In this regard, a strong common agricultural policy (CAP) is crucial for Europe’s future stability.

The ministers also stressed the need to ensure a well-functioning European internal market and global market through transparent multilateral rules, and called for a joint European approach to managing the crisis. They argued that common market organisation has all the instruments needed for a swift and appropriate response to disruptions in the market.

Accordingly, they are urging the European Commission to swiftly adopt the necessary market management measures and are particularly asking it to make provision for granting private storage in crisis-stricken sectors.

The ministers highlighted the need, under the current circumstances, for CAP aid for farmers, and reiterated their calls to the European Commission to swiftly adopt the necessary flexibility measures in managing inspections, particularly on-site inspections.

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3 April 2020

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