Manuel Valls at the Entrepreneurs’ Fair
5 February 2016

“France is already a business-friendly country”

Manuel Valls attended the 23rd “Salon des Entrepreneurs” (Entrepreneurs’ Fair) at the Palais des Congrès in Paris on 3 February 2016. The Prime Minister praised “the great spirit of entrepreneurship in France” and is keen to encourage it by promoting business creation, and start-ups in particular.

Content published under the Government Valls II from 2014 26th August to 2016 11th February
"France is already a “business-friendly country”, leading the field in Europe for business creation with 570,000 per year. But it needs to strengthen this position."
Manuel Valls
3 February 2016 at the Entrepreneurs’ Fair
French people are deeply involved in the world of entrepreneurship. “Without entrepreneurs, there can be neither growth nor innovation. […] We need our businesses", the Prime Minister said, announcing that "Emmanuel Macron will shortly be outlining measures […] to remove barriers to entrepreneurship and make life easier for businesses."
To encourage business creation, Agence France Entrepreneurs, tasked with stimulating entrepreneurship in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, will be allocated an additional €20 million.

of French people are counting on SMEs to turn the French economy around.
“Restoring our competitiveness means making it easier to employ people”, the Prime Minister said. He reminded his audience of the measures put in place to boost employment announced by the French President on 18 January, including a hiring bonus for SMEs: €4,000 for each person hired before the end of the year.
In Manuel Valls' view, “France therefore has the means to create more growth and more jobs, thanks to reduced labour costs and business taxation, improved margins, and extremely low financing costs.” And this is all thanks to the Competitiveness and Employment Tax Credit (CICE) and the Responsibility and Solidarity Pact, which together represent a €40 billion reduction in taxation and labour contributions, in addition to the 320 simplification measures in place for the last three years and 90 of the 170 new measures to promote economic development and employment presented by the Prime Minister on 3 February.
“In France, starting up a business costs four times less and takes half as long as the OECD average.”
Manuel Valls
3 February 2016 at the Entrepreneurs’ Fair

Get on board with the 4th industrial revolution

Digitisation is now a true engine for growth. It “is irreversible [...]. We need to embrace it and harness its full potential”, the Prime Minister said.
France is a true innovation generator with 7,000 start-ups, 3,000 of which are in Paris – Europe’s 2nd most dynamic city after London. At international level, 10% of French start-ups are ranked among the most dynamic companies.
In order to make France a “Digital Republic”, the Government launched La French Tech, a major collective movement to drive the growth and influence of French digital start-ups.

“The digital revolution will empower us to go out and grab growth and multiply the effects of the measures taken to boost our economy. The challenge facing you [...] is that of the 4th industrial revolution.”
Manuel Valls
3 February 2016 at the Entrepreneurs’ Fair

A new financing model for businesses

Over €1 billion
the total development loans that will be channelled into the factories of the future as of 2016.
Business angels, crowdfunding, bond financing of small companies... the Prime Minister advocated new financing models for innovative businesses which want to get funding from a banking sector  more focused on companies in the traditional economy. In this respect he cited the efforts of Bpifrance (France's public investment bank), tasked with sponsoring promising projects.

Create a virtuous circle

“We need to go even further”, and reinvest the profits in these same innovative companies, Manuel Valls explained. The Prime Minister has asked Emmanuel Macron and Michel Sapin “to set up an investment vehicle tailored to "entrepreneurs/investors" so that “successful entrepreneurs [are] encouraged to reinvest in the start-up ecosystem.”

Foster an entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurial spirit must be instilled from an early age, in the classroom. In order to prepare pupils for working life, an individual training course to discover the business world has been offered in all schools since the start of the 2015 academic year.

Links between young people and the business world

The Government has freed up €20 million from the Investments for the Future Programme (PIA) to finance “mini-company” operations in secondary schools. These involve the creation and development of a full-scale company with the help of a project team made up of trainers, young people, and an entrepreneur. Run over 6 to 9 months, they allow secondary school pupils to work through all of the steps in project management, from researching an idea to sale of the product.
This initiative is set to be expanded to higher education. The Government has made this possible through the student-entrepreneur status, which allows students to learn while immediately putting the skills acquired into practice.

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