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22 September 2017

France confirms its leadership role on climate issues

During the UN General Assembly, the international launch summit of the "Global Pact for the Environment" was held on 19 September, on France’s initiative. The aim of this pact is to initiate dialogue on a single text gathering the various elements that make up international environmental law.
France is at the forefront in the fight against global warming, and the hurricanes that have hit the West Indies have once again shown the need and urgency to act.
At national level, with the Climate Plan, France has taken highly proactive and ambitious measures that go beyond the commitments made in the Paris Agreement, in order to accelerate ecological transition.

France continues to be mobilised in support of the Paris Agreement

At international level, France will make every effort to keep the climate agreement alive and make it irreversible. At the UN forum, the President of the Republic reaffirmed his commitment to preserving this indispensable cornerstone: "this agreement will not be negotiated, we are bound by it (…) let us not back down. To unravel the agreement would be to destroy a pact between States and between generations," he said.
France will tirelessly pursue dialogue with its American partner to convince it to reverse its decision and remain a stakeholder in international climate agreements. Dialogue between Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump, President of the United States, will continue to that effect: "It is his choice and I respect his choice, and he was elected on the basis of such a decision, but I regret it and I would like to convince him to return to the [Paris] Agreement, because I believe it is the fundamental climate agreement," the President of the Republic declared during an interview with CNN on 21 September.

The Global Pact for the Environment is launched

France’s international mobilisation also led to the launch, on 19 September, of the Global Pact for the Environment, which took place during the UN General Assembly. This event marks the continued mobilisation undertaken by France ahead of the new climate summit to be held in Paris on 12 December.

The goal of this Pact is to bring together within a single, legally binding text, the various elements that make up international environmental law, which are currently fragmented. "Through the law, through the Global Pact for the Environment, it is a question of going even further in the transformation of our societies, and of acting decisively. (…) Let us build on the success of the 2030 Agenda which, together with the Paris Agreement, forms our common roadmap for transforming the world," Emmanuel Macron explained.

Climate Plan

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10 August 2017