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20 June 2020

For an ambitious and swift European recovery plan

Taking part in the fifth European Council meeting, held via video conference on 19 June 2020, the President of the Republic particularly underscored the need to swiftly agree on a €500bn recovery plan.

This progress meeting set the stage for discussions on the 2021-27 long-term budget (the multiannual financial framework) as well as on Europe’s post-crisis recovery plan. The opinions of each Member State were able to be expressed and compared, before a return to direct talks, probably at a forthcoming physical meeting in Brussels, in July.

During his address, the President of the Republic sought to highlight two key points in the implementation of the European recovery plan:
  • the need to reach a swift agreement to keep the European momentum going that was sparked during the health crisis, both through the Franco-German plan of 18 May and the Commission’s proposal dated 27 May. The President particularly maintained that, to be able to address the crisis in full, Europe’s response in economic, political and financial terms had to be swift and effective;
  • the commitment to delivering an ambitious recovery plan, drawing on the Franco-German proposal for budgetary grants of up to €500bn. The President of the Republic stressed the need for budgetary solidarity – the only way to bring about a common recovery plan that will support the regions and countries that have been hardest hit by the crisis.

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18 May 2020