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3 June 2020

European initiative on digital platforms

France commends the European Commission’s launch of a public consultation on the regulation of digital platforms.

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance, and Cédric O, Minister of State for the Digital Sector, hailed the European Commission’s launch, on 2 June 2020, of a public consultation on the future Digital Services Act.

Work on this package, upheld for the last quarter of 2020, is aimed at:
  • equipping the European Union (EU) with a specific digital platforms regulation bearing on their market power,
  • making platforms more accountable as regards the distribution of content and consumer protection, including on online marketplaces.
Bruno Le Maire and Cédric O underscore the French Government’s priority for ex ante economic regulation of prevailing digital platforms to address their excessive market power.

They are also calling for greater accountability at European level on the part of digital platforms in light of the significant risks that they pose where their users are concerned, through access to illegal or hazardous products and content which are distributed more easily on the platforms. Digital platforms have a crucial role to play in informing and protecting consumers.

To address these challenges, a team of representatives from the main French competent authorities and Government departments was set up at the start of the year to work on the guidelines of the Digital Services Act. This cross-government team is cooperating with the departments of the European Commission, Parliament and the various Member States.

Bruno Le Maire maintains that the European level is the relevant level for establishing the accountability framework as regards the global tech leaders. France is continuing to support European Commissioners Vestager and Breton in delivering an ambitious initiative swiftly, since this work complements France’s efforts on achieving fair taxation of the tech giants.
"Europe must firmly embrace its digital development model. To do that, it needs to build a regulatory framework commensurate with the impact that the tech giants are having on our economies and our democracies. (,,,). France will continue to endorse proposals guided by a twofold aim: recreating the conditions of trust in digital services and boosting innovation.”
Cédric O - Minister of State for the Digital Sector