5 June 2020

European initiative for the Covid-19 vaccine

France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands have announced the creation of an “inclusive vaccine alliance” against coronavirus.

These pioneering countries have joined forces in a bid to:
  • pool their resources to support development of a vaccine;
  • secure supplies for the European population under conditions which also allow fair access to the vaccine for all countries.
With that in mind:
  • very close attention is being paid to the most promising research into the vaccine and the alliance members are in close talks with the pharmaceutical companies the furthest along in developing the vaccine;
  • these talks are aimed at negotiating pre-agreements with these companies, primarily with a view to fast-tracking as much as possible production in Europe of these vaccines, with enough doses of the vaccine for Europe’s population and beyond;
  • the countries wish to ensure a fair price for the vaccines, enabling global distribution for the benefit of the poorest nations too, including in Africa;
  • cooperation with other European Union member states as well as the Commission is encouraged, so as to guarantee a shared vision at European level and unlock the resources that can be made available at this scale.
The initiative has been unveiled in the form of a memorandum signed by the ministers of the countries concerned: Olivier Véran and Agnès Pannier-Runacher (France), Jens Spahn (Germany), Hugo de Jonge (Netherlands) and Roberto Speranza (Italy).

The countries’ efforts are set to pick up pace, in conjunction with the European Commission.

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