Presideent Macron and Chancellor Merkel during the presse conference
30 June 2020

European agenda

On 29 June 2020, the President of the Republic travelled to Meseberg in Germany for a meeting and working dinner with Chancellor Angela Merkel. Their talks mainly addressed the European agenda, with Germany due to assume the presidency of the Council of the European Union in two days’ time.

The Chancellor and the President particularly discussed the arrangements and strategy for adopting Europe’s recovery plan. On 18 May, they outlined an unprecedented €500bn plan of budgetary grants for the hardest-hit sectors and regions in Europe. They intend to jointly defend its adoption at the European Council meeting on 17 & 18 July. Both will continue to galvanise their partners along these lines between now and mid-July.

They also discussed Brexit, the climate (making the benefit of the recovery plan in each Member State conditional upon climate commitments), the Conference on the Future of Europe, and other pressing international issues, including Libya / Turkey, Russia / Ukraine and relations with the US and China.

The President highlighted the significant headway made, not least in terms of European fiscal solidarity over these past few months.

As promised that morning, he also gave the Chancellor a copy of the proposals of the Citizens’ Climate Convention, which he had tasked, at the end of 2019, with defining a series of measures for bringing 1990-level greenhouse gas emissions down by at least 40% between now and 2030, in a mindset of social justice.

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18 May 2020