#eSport: France at the forefront

Discover what the Digital Republic bill will change.


The conclusions of the parliamentary report on the Digital Republic bill, which has been under review by the Senate, are positive on the need to recognise video game competitions in order to:
  • legally safeguard the organisation of these competitions
  • clarify the social status of professional gamers
  • encourage the development of this sector in France

What the Digital Republic bill will change

  • Before, video game competitions ran the risk of being compared to gambling, and were therefore theoretically prohibited by law. This provided little incentive for organisers. Soon, a legal framework will be established to safeguard its organisation
  • Before, professional gamers did not have a social status, meaning they could not pay contributions on their income like sportspersons do today. Soon, professional gamers will have a status tailored to top-level competitors, taking into account the specific characteristics of their profession
  • Before, e-sports were not recognised by public authorities. Soon, a partnership approach to regulations in the sector will be initiated with organisers, gamers and public authorities to structure the sector.

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