Planet and trees
22 June 2018

Environment: issues soon to be enshrined in the Constitution

On 20 June, as part of a visit to Brittany with the President of the Republic, Nicolas Hulot announced that the preservation of the environment will be enshrined in Article 1 of the Constitution. As such, France will be one of the first countries to enshrine the 21st-century issues of protecting biodiversity and combating climate change within its Fundamental Law.
This inclusion will make the preservation of the environment a founding principle of the Republic, alongside the principles of gender equality and secularism.

The Government, which had proposed incorporating action on climate change in Article 34 of the Constitution, supports this development, and in this regard, it remains determined that our founding text should also include action on climate change and the preservation of biodiversity.

This reform aims to complement the Environmental Charter, which is silent on climate change and biodiversity. This in line with the major programme to modernise the law in order to adapt it to long-term challenges – a programme already initiated by Nicolas Hulot with the law banning the exploitation of hydrocarbons.

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