19 October 2018

Davos: France’s competitiveness and attractiveness are on the way up

The results of the World Economic Forum’s 2018-2019 “Global Competitiveness Report” show substantial improvement in French competitiveness. The Government is delighted to see these results, which are due to the transformations it has undertaken. Work is continuing on changing the way the economic world views France.

France has jumped 5 places this year, from 22nd to 17th in the Davos World Economic Forum’s competitiveness and attractiveness ranking, and is now back up where it was in the late 2000s.

The improvement may be explained by the change in ranking methodology, which now reflects the reality of situations better than was previously the case, as well as by the transformations carried out over the past year, which have started to take effect. France should therefore show further improvement next year.

The new ranking highlights the quality:

  • of the health system,
  • of infrastructures,
  • of research and our capacity for innovation.

Weaknesses are also highlighted, however, including the rigidity of the labour market and the excessive regulation of companies. Audacious reforms have been undertaken in these areas, including the Labour Ordinances and the PACTE Law, whose effects should gradually improve our ranking in the years to come.

The transformations undertaken will change the way the economic world views our country. The work involved is already bearing fruit and is set to continue.