France's Government members
17 October 2018

Council of Ministers: official photo of the Government

A government reshuffle took place on 16 October 2018. The first Council of Ministers of the new government team was held on 17 October. The Government is pressing ahead with its ambition to cement France's position as an educational, economic, social and environmental powerhouse.

Our sole lead in building a stronger France – so that it remains in control of its destiny and takes its place among Europe’s and the world’s leaders – shall come from the trust showed by the French people back in May 2017.

The Government is committed to continuing with the reforms it has been undertaking these past 17 months. Its efforts have enabled significant headway to be made in terms of schools, universities, apprenticeship and the reform of the French national railway company, the SNCF. And they will pave the way for necessary, ambitious reforms, of the State, the Civil Service and the pension system among other areas.

Listening and dialogue will form the key principles underpinning future progress, and socioeconomic stakeholders nationwide will be the driving forces behind such progress and reform.


Government members