Intellectual Property Code
3 May 2019

Copyright: Europe defends its creators

As it’s World Press Freedom Day (3 May), why not remind yourself of the positive contributions France and Europe have made to advancing freedom of the press! On 27 March 2019, the European Parliament adopted the Copyright Directive. This is a major step forward for Europe, France, artists, journalists and European citizens.
This Directive is crucial for defending our cultural model. As digital technology has infiltrated our lives and consumption of online content has surged, copyright has come under threat, with some businesses freely exploiting content that has been created by others. Amid these new challenges, the Directive's adoption represents an ambitious and fair response given Europe's social and cultural model.

The Directive contains 3 fundamental breakthroughs:

1. The introduction of a similar right to copyright for press agencies and publishers (Art. 11). This provision will ensure better remuneration during the online reproduction of their articles;

2. Greater accountability on the part of platforms to ensure more effective sharing of the value associated with the online dissemination of works, for the benefit of creators;

3. Establishment of a right to fair and proportional remuneration for creators.

It should be clarified that in no way is this a question of empowering platforms to censor online content. Users will remain completely free to publish the content they create, such as the hugely popular "GIFs" and "memes" on social media for example.

The Directive will be transposed swiftly into French law.


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