Signature of COP24 agreement
17 December 2018

COP 24 agreement: "now, fears of a backward step have been removed"

France welcomes the adoption of the rules of application of the Paris Agreement, signed in December 2015, by the 196 States gathered in Katowice, Poland, for the 24th UN Climate Conference - COP 24.
"[It] is essential for the concrete and irreversible implementation of the Paris Agreement. It is a key step towards achieving the objectives set during COP 21."
François de Rugy

France has played its full role in ensuring the spirit of the Paris Agreement is upheld through strong Government mobilisation. "Fears of a backward step have been removed. We are clear; much still remains to be done. Within a challenging context, this agreement represents the triumph of multilateralism over isolationism," stated François de Rugy, Ministre d'État, Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition.

"The implementation tools have been adopted. We must now continue to take action and put ecological transition truly at the heart of public policy," stated Brune Poirson.

France has achieved its objectives:
  • full and immediate implementation of the rules of application of the Paris Agreement,
  • mobilisation of funding to support climate action,
  • call for an upward revision of the ambition level for contributions determined at national level by 2020, necessary to stop temperatures from rising by more than 1.5°C.
These objectives were based on three pillars: trust, solidarity and ambition.
  1. Trust: the guidelines adopted on reducing CO2 emissions are universal and applicable in each country. A system to collect information on countries’ vulnerability, their priorities for action, and efforts made in this area, will be put in place.
  2. Solidarity: at the end of 2020, a future financial goal will replace the 100 billion dollars after 2025. Developed countries are also pressing ahead with their efforts, with new financial pledges. France is contributing to those efforts: €35 million towards two funds to support adaptation in the most vulnerable countries.
  3. Ambition: the COP 24 acknowledges the special report and calls on countries to raise the ambition level of their commitments to align with the 1.5°C target.
France will continue to work actively throughout 2019, in particular with the G7, for which France will hold the presidency from 1st January 2019. "We shall remain unwavering in our commitment to addressing the climate emergency," reiterated François de Rugy.