French Justice Minister, Christiane Taubira
15 January 2015

Combatting the justification of terrorism, racism and anti-Semitism

Statements and actions classified as racist, anti-Semitic or justifying terrorism must be fought against and pursued vigorously.
Content published under the Government Valls II from 2014 26th August to 2016 11th February
Christiane Taubira, Minister of Justice, has requested in a circular dated 12 January that prosecutors demonstrate the utmost reactivity with regard to the perpetrators of these offences:
  • Each of these acts should be met with an appropriate and individualised automatic criminal response, even for acts committed while in detention.
  • Legal proceedings have already been initiated in the wake of the attack on Charlie Hebdo: 54 for justification of terrorism; 15 for graffiti, 10 for damage to mosques and Muslim places of worship caused by weapons, fires or explosions; 11 for anti-Muslim leaflets and statements; 19 for offence against police forces; and 14 for cyber-attacks. 
Since June 2012, Christiane Taubira has reminded the public prosecutors' offices to strengthen mobilisation for the implementation of a dynamic and offensive criminal policy against racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic acts.

"We must not confuse freedom of opinion with anti-Semitism, racism, Holocaust denial and justification of terrorism", the Prime Minister declared on 12 January.  We must "wage a ruthless fight against terrorism of course, against all violence, but also against speech that kills, hate speech", he confirmed on 13 January.

Tribute to the victims of the attacks

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13 January 2015

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