French PM speaking at launch of Choose Paris Region
4 November 2016

"Choose Paris Region": a one-stop shop for simplifying procedures for foreign investors

On 3 November, Manuel Valls inaugurated "Choose Paris Region", a one-stop shop for simplifying procedures for foreign investors in Paris and its wider region (Île-de-France). The aim is to present a strong case for Paris and its region as the natural choice for businesses looking for a gateway into Europe.
Content published under the Government Valls III from 2016 11th February to 2016 06th December
The fruit of a partnership between the State, Île-de-France and City of Paris, "Choose Paris Region" provides foreign companies locating in the Parisian region with a one-stop shop for making all of their procedures easier.

For the Prime Minister, this initiative provides businesses with customised support "from start to finish", for "complexity is often the first obstacle to appeal!".  

A group project which is paying dividends

The Parisian region, with its high-quality infrastructure and qualified workforce, boasts a wealth of advantages just waiting to be showcased to convince the many businesses looking to relocate their head offices and research centres in the wake of Brexit. "I was keen on finding a new method of working with the regions, so that we are all on the same page in terms of growth and employment", the Prime Minister explained.

By pooling resources and scaling up coordination between economic development organisations (CCI Paris Ile-de-France, Paris&Co, Paris Region Entreprises and Business France), it has been possible to get this comprehensive, precise and fast-track management system off the ground through the one-stop shop.

In practice, this means that businesses can now be lent a helping hand looking for premises and advice for getting to grips with tax matters. For their part, employees will also be guided through all their administrative formalities (visas, jobs for spouses and childcare). Regarding schooling for children, "a map of international classes will be available" and, to meet demand, "we will open as many of these classes as necessary," the Prime Minister highlighted. It is worth noting that professionals who choose to locate to France will benefit from the most favourable tax regime for qualified expatriates in Europe. One of the provisions of the finance bill currently being examined in Parliament stipulates that the length of time this regime applies for will rise from the current five years to eight.
This one-stop shop is part of a policy to boost appeal that the State is actively pushing, with the help of the whole community of public Paris and Ile-de-France stakeholders. It also rounds off a whole raft of measures aimed at cutting the cost of labour, reforming the labour market and supporting innovation and investment. "Investment, growth and job creation are on the uptick in our country. This is very good news … but there is still a lot to do! We need to continue, to keep going. For that's how we get results," Manuel Valls urged.

The statistics also show that France is growing ever more attractive. In 2015, 962 investment decisions by foreign firms created 34,000 jobs – 27% more than in 2014.
And to conclude: "We are up against major European competitors who mean business. But France has just as much chance as they do of winning prospective companies over. Our country has so much going for it! We need to be extolling all these virtues! Choose Paris and its region! Come and invest in France! Team France is ready to welcome them, to welcome all those looking to create, innovate and produce wealth in our wonderful country."

Choose Paris Region