French Air Force Aerobatic Team's planes
25 June 2020

Celebrating European solidarity

Countries that admitted patients into their hospitals during the Covid-19 health crisis will be invited to specially attend the Bastille Day ceremony this coming 14 July.

Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland will play a symbolic part in the forthcoming Bastille Day ceremony on 14 July, as a sign of France’s gratitude for their support in providing hospital care to patients during the Covid-19 health crisis.

They will be represented in the ground display by their flags. A German A400M aircraft will also be included in the aerial display.

The ceremony at a glance

  • 2,195 participants on the ground,
  • 37 formations represented on the ground,
  • 52 aircraft including 3 foreign planes along with 20 helicopters,
  • 60 cavalrymen of the Republican Guard,
  • 5 military music performances,
  • Duration: around 75 minutes (march-past, ceremony and displays),
  • 3 thematic events: Charles De Gaulle, music of the French Foreign Legion and tribute to those who have been actively fighting the coronavirus,
  • 2 flypasts by the French Air Force Aerobatic Team (for the initial exercise and the closing exercise).

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