UK out of EU
30 January 2019

Brexit: the deal is not open to renegotiation

By 317 votes to 301, on 29 January 2019 British MPs voted in favour of an amendment calling for new terms to be sought in the Brexit deal negotiated with the European Union (EU), but this is not open to renegotiation – especially the "backstop" which guarantees no hard border with Ireland. If the UK wishes to discuss the future partnership or open up a new process, however, then the EU is listening.
The vote on Tuesday evening in the UK could prompt calls for renegotiation.

The withdrawal agreement – and the backstop which guarantees that an open border remain in Ireland – were adopted by the British Government and the EU's other 27 members last November. This agreement is not open to renegotiation. The EU has been clear on this point.

However, if the UK wishes to discuss the future partnership with the EU or open up a new process (elections, referendum, etc.), which it is up to the UK to decide, then the EU is willing to reconsider these aspects, in keeping with its interests and values.

The UK is, in any case, being urged to clarify its intentions and to come up with viable proposals.

The Government is poised to step up its contingency planning in the event of a no deal scenario on 30 March.

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