View of Paris
21 November 2017

Brexit: Paris will be the new home of the European Banking Authority (EBA)

France is delighted with the Council of the European Union's decision, on 20 November, for the European Banking Authority (EBA) to relocate to Paris, after leaving London in 2019 following Brexit.
This choice reflects France's appeal and commitment to Europe. It is a sign of confidence on the part of our partners, which comes as an honour but also a responsibility.
It cements Paris' leading role in Europe's banking and financial sectors and highlights the strong appeal of the Parisian region's living environment. This relocation will ensure a seamless continuation of the EBA's operations, which is key to guaranteeing effective regulation of the banking sector.
France is disappointed that Lille's bid to host the European Medicines Agency was not selected at the end of the voting process, despite the Government's full backing and an incredible level of grassroots support. It was a very strong candidate, around which local and regional stakeholders alike had rallied. But the competition was tough with 19 Member States in the running.
A score of recent successes illustrate France's international standing and appeal, whether in terms of major international events (2023 Rugby World Cup and 2024 Olympics) or international organisations (Audrey Azoulay's election as Director-General of UNESCO, relocation of the European Banking Authority).

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