PM speaking in Wuhan
24 February 2017

Bernard Cazeneuve: "China has put environmental issues at the heart of its development plan"

On 23 February, Bernard Cazeneuve headed to the Chinese city of Wuhan where he visited China's first P4 high-level biosafety epidemiological laboratory. The fruit of close Franco-Chinese cooperation, it has the same design as the Inserm laboratory in Lyon which is considered to be one of the best in the world. France and China will make the most of the city's assets in order to promote an urban model for innovative development: the sustainable city.
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Bernard Cazeneuve : "La Chine a placé les questions environnementales au cœur de son projet de développement"

Bernard Cazeneuve: “Chinese investments in France continue to grow. They are of course, welcome”

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21 February 2017