22 August 2019

Apprenticeship: France will be hosting the WorldSkills Competition in Lyon in 2023!

Muriel Pénicaud was in Russia on 21 & 22 August 2019 to support the young people in the French team taking part in the 45th edition of the WorldSkills Competition. The Minister of Labour successfully upheld France's bid to host the Competition in Lyon in 2023. A symbolic victory for France, which is strongly committed to young people's apprenticeship and training at national and international levels.

The WorldSkills Competition is an international event held every two years, bringing together young professionals under 23 years old from 80 different countries, to test their skills across a variety of professions: technical, technological, craft and service-orientated alike.

In March 2018, the President of the Republic had announced France's candidacy to host the Competition’s 47th edition in Lyon in 2023. In Kazan, Russia, Muriel Pénicaud upheld France's bid successfully against Japan. A symbolic victory in view of France's commitment to apprenticeship and training of young people.

France's mobilisation to host the Competition builds on the Government's proactive policy on development of apprenticeship and vocational training of young people, in particular through the Act for the freedom to choose one's professional future and the Investment Plan for Skills.

France will be putting all its knowhow at the service of the WorldSkills movement in 2023

Recognised for the quality of its competitors, France was awarded 27 medals at the last WorldSkills Competition, held in Abu Dhabi in 2017. It has also developed bilateral relations and partnerships in Europe and beyond with many countries belonging to the WorldSkills movement, in order to promote apprenticeship and vocational training. France, which is used to hosting major international events (such as the G7 and COP21, and soon the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games), will endeavour to develop the WorldSkills movement in Europe and on other continents by encouraging new countries to join, African nations in particular.

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