Ozone layer showing recovery
12 October 2017

An amendment to protect the ozone layer

An amendment to the Montreal Protocol has just been presented, on 11 October, to the Council of Ministers. It is aimed at preventing the emission of 74 to 84 billion tonnes CO² equivalent by 2050, which will make a significant contribution to the implementation of the Paris climate agreement.
A bill approving the amendment to the Montreal Protocol of 16 September 1987 on substances that deplete the ozone layer was presented on 11 October just gone to the Council of Ministers.
The purpose of this amendment, adopted in Kigali on 15 October 2016, is to add hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) to the list of substances controlled under the Montreal Protocol to be phased down. By setting a schedule to reduce the consumption and production of these powerful greenhouse gases, the Kigali amendment should make it possible to prevent the emission of around 74 to 84 Gt (billion tonnes) CO² equivalent by 2050.
The approval of this amendment is a further sign of France's unwavering and ambitious commitment to tackling climate change and protecting the environment.


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