Cows in a field
27 June 2018

Agreement with China on beef exports

During a visit to China with the Prime Minister, on Monday 25 June Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, signed an export protocol which reopens the Chinese market to French beef producers, thus lifting the 2001 embargo that had been imposed in response to mad cow disease.

"For 17 years France has been unable to export beef to China, and for 17 years our producers have thus been deprived of a considerable market opportunity," Édouard Philippe pointed out. China is the world's leading market, where beef consumption is rising steadily.

The Government's aim was to reopen the Chinese market to French producers: that has now been achieved. The export protocol signed will enable 30,000 tonnes of French meat to be exported to China – starting from this September.

"Our work isn't finished yet. […] We are paying close attention to ensuring that the agreement's conditions of application meet producers' expectations," the Prime Minister said. The Government particularly needs to guarantee that the slaughter plants and facilities are approved by the Chinese authorities, and to make sure other markets open up to French producers – for pork and cured meat especially.


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