Copyright on computer
14 February 2019

Agreement on copyright: a major victory for Europe

The Government is pleased with the agreement on the Directive bearing on copyright, reached on 13 February 2019 between the European Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament.
After twenty-six months of intensive negotiations, the text contains 3 fundamental advances:
  1. Creation of a copyright-related right for publishers and press agencies, ensuring better remuneration for online reproduction of their articles.
  2. Great accountability of platforms with a view to ensuring better sharing of value connected with dissemination of works online, to the benefit of their creators.
  3. Enshrinement of creators’ right to fair, proportional remuneration.
It is a real satisfaction to see the role of authors promoted by Europe in this way and a great victory for the diversity and pluralism on offer to French and European citizens. As Franck Riester emphasised, “it demonstrates that Europe is proud of its creators and knows how to protect them to the benefit of all its citizens”.

The text is yet to be formally approved by the Council and then the Parliament before it comes into force. It will then be rapidly transposed into French law.