After the election

Between the announcement of the presidential election results and the appointment of the new government, there are several steps that permit the transfer of power between the various members of the executive. Some steps originate from the French Constitution, others from France's republican tradition.

  • Announcement of the results
The Constitutional Council declares the official results of the second round of the presidential election, within an average of four days.
  • Resignation of the government
The Prime Minister tenders the resignation of his government to the outgoing President of the Republic. He will then attend to its day-to-day business until a new government is appointed.
  • Transfer of power at the Elysée Palace
The newly-elected President is welcomed by the outgoing President, and they hold discussions in the drawing rooms of the Elysée Palace. This event marks the symbolic transfer of power.
  • Inauguration ceremony
The inauguration ceremony of the new President is held in the Salle des Fêtes of the Elysée Palace. The insignias of the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour are presented to the new President.
  • Appointment of the Prime Minister
The President of the Republic appoints a new Prime Minister.
  • The transfer of power at Matignon
The outgoing Prime Minister receives his or her successor at Matignon for the transfer of power ceremony.
  • Formation of a new government
The President of the Republic appoints a new government on the basis of a proposal from the Prime Minister.
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