Vigipirate staff
22 June 2017

Adaptation of the Vigipirate plan for the summer period

The security of French citizens and tourists visiting France continues to be the Government’s priority. The new Vigipirate stance will therefore be effective from 23 June to 4 September, to ensure the increased protection of tourist areas, public transport and crowded places.


The summer holidays will soon begin, with significant numbers of people travelling to their holiday destinations and large gatherings set to take place for sporting, cultural, religious and festive events. The Government has decided to adapt the Vigipirate stance accordingly.
The previous adaptation was agreed to ensure the smooth running of the presidential and legislative elections in the face of a heightened terrorist threat. The persistent threat requires that every measure be taken to ensure the public is protected during the sensitive summer holiday period. For this reason, the new Vigipirate stance "Summer 2017" will be effective from 23 June until the start of the school year on 4 September.
The need for a high level of vigilance requires the Vigipirate plan to remain in force at the level of "heightened security – risk of attack", which is the second of three levels contained in the plan.
Efforts are focused on the increased protection of:

  • tourist areas,
  • public transport,
  • crowded places.

The full mobilisation of internal security forces, supported by soldiers from Operation Sentinelle, will continue with any necessary redeployments to tourist areas. This mobilisation will also involve citizens through the use of National Guard reservists who will bolster the security arrangements that are in place.

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