Minister Françoise Nyssen
13 September 2018

A victory for copyright in the European Parliament

Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture, welcomes the European Parliament’s vote in favour of the Copyright Directive. This vote allows the European Parliament and the European Council to initiate dialogue for the swift adoption of the final text.

The Minister thanks the rapporteur and all Members of Parliament who have worked actively to defend copyright. In particular she commends the involvement of Jean-Marie Cavada, who has played a major role in obtaining this vote. She welcomes the strong and unified impetus from creators and publishers in drawing attention to the importance of this directive for cultural diversity in Europe.

The text adopted by the European Parliament includes significant progress towards strengthening the ability of content creators and publishers to be remunerated when platforms use their work or their content, while respecting the rights and freedoms of internet users:

  • The creation of a neighbouring right for press publishers to ensure better remuneration when their articles are reproduced online;
  • The greater accountability of platforms for a better distribution of value related to the dissemination of works online, to benefit creators;
  • The right to fair and proportional remuneration for creators.

While talks between the Parliament and the Council will now start according to a tight schedule, France will continue to be fully mobilised so that the continuing negotiations confirm the progress made and, as a whole, adopt balanced solutions which benefit the public, creators and the pluralism of the press.

French Minister Françoise Nyssen
"Protecting creators in the digital age means guaranteeing internet users an ever increasing diversity and richness in cultural content. At a time when the far right is advocating a retreat into isolationism and a return to national borders, political Europe has provided the best proof of its ability to protect our cultural model".
Françoise Nyssen
12 September 2018

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