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4 March 2019

A new French Tech Visa for foreign digital talents!

As from 1 March 2019, French startups will be able to benefit from more relaxed conditions for recruiting foreign talents, via a scheme unprecedented at international level. The French scheme will enable these innovative enterprises to speed up recruitment of foreign employees.
"The ability to attract the best international profiles is a key lever for development of our startups. Time is of the essence for these young companies. We must provide them with the means to attract those “rare pearls” rapidly, simply, and from wherever they may be in the world."
Mounir Mahjoubi,
Minister of State for the Digital Sector

The "French Tech Visa" will be the world's only visa to combine a range of decisive advantages for the startups it is designed to assist:
  • There are no qualification conditions, which, for example, will enable companies to recruit a greater variety of "talents", including individuals who have interrupted their studies in order to gain practical experience on their own.
  • It is free.
  • It is valid for four years.
  • The process will be identical for almost all recruited employees' countries of origin.
The scheme had been announced by Mounir Mahjoubi at VivaTech in 2018. On the occasion of the "Startup Tour", the Minister of State for the Digital Sector had exchanged with thousands of startups; recruitment of talents was a major concern, hampering development of France’s up-and-coming companies.

France has been taking action at national level since 2018, with development of training courses in engineering and more courses for technicians (a further 10,000 places across the territory).

The recruitment of foreign talents constitutes a complementary step in this roadmap.