Speech by Édouard Philippe in remembrance of the World War I Battle of Villers-Bretonneux

The Prime Minister Édouard Philippe and his Australian counterpart Malcolm Turnbull have begun two days of commemorations, on 24 a... [Read more]
25 April 2018

France's four aims regarding Syria

Following the air strikes, conducted jointly with its allies in Syria in the early hours of 14 April, France is now pursuing four ... [Read more]
20 April 2018

Europe: building a new sovereignty

During a speech delivered to the European Parliament on 17 April 2018, the President of the Republic presented his vision of Europ... [Read more]
18 April 2018

The military intervention in Syria has punished a repeated violation of international law

A Parliamentary debate was held on 16 April following the military intervention in Syria. It provided the Prime Minister with an o... [Read more]
17 April 2018

Stability Programme 2018-2022: more optimistic forecasts than first expected

The Government presented its Stability Programme to the Council of Ministers on 11 April 2018; the document outlines the medium-te... [Read more]
13 April 2018

France welcomes the European’s Commission’s proposals on food safety

Building on lessons learned from debate on European re-examinations of glyphosate, the European Commission has just outlined the p... [Read more]
12 April 2018

Artificial Intelligence: “Making France a leader”

On the occasion of the “AI for Humanity” conference at the Collège de France, the President of the Republic presented France’s amb... [Read more]
30 March 2018

Employment: Unemployment figures at their lowest since 2009

The National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) has published the quarterly figures for employment and unemploy... [Read more]
16 February 2018

#Franceisback – In Davos, France advocates protective globalisation

In his speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos on 24 January, the President of the Republic spoke in favour of adoption of a n... [Read more]
25 January 2018

Choose France summit: €3 billion in foreign investment over the next five years

140 business leaders from multinationals in various sectors are getting involved in large-scale investment projects, on the occasi... [Read more]
24 January 2018