2 April 2017

Instituts Convergences (Convergence Labs): second wave of the call for proposals

On Thursday 30 March 2017, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Thierry Mandon and Louis Schweitzer, General Commissioner for Investment, announced the list of projects proposed for funding in the second wave of the call for proposals for "Instituts Convergences".
Content published under the Government Cazeneuve from 2016 06th December to 2017 14th May
The call for proposals for “Instituts Convergences” aims to structure a number of large-scale multidisciplinary scientific sites of high visibility, in order to better address the major challenges at the interface between societal and economic issues and questions from the scientific community. Through a partnership established in one place, these sites must merge diverse research skills with an integrated vision aimed at producing new knowledge. This will be achieved through the combined mobilisation of different disciplinary skills. In conjunction with this interdisciplinary research, they must also develop excellent and innovative training programmes at Master’s and Doctorate level within graduate-school type complexes, both in terms of initial and continuing education.
For the second wave of the call for proposals, 26 projects were reviewed by an international jury chaired by Mr Claude Hillaire-Marcel, professor emeritus in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Université de Québec à Montréal, and member of the LABEX jury, assisted by three vice-presidents:
  • Ms Maria Allegrini, professor in the Department of Physics "E.Fermi", University of Pisa,
  • Ms Margaret Morrisson, professor in the Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto,
  • Mr Teddy Puttgen, professor at EPFL. 
The President of the jury presented his assessment report to the Steering Committee of the "Instituts Convergences" initiative, chaired by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research. On this basis, five projects rated A+ by the jury were selected.
These results complement the five "Instituts Convergences" selected in the first wave last July. All 10 “Instituts Convergences" cover a wide range of scientific topics. In agreement with the jury, a technical examination phase will make it possible to match each project to the amount of aid it will receive, ahead of contract procedures with the National Research Agency. The projects submitted, which are often of high quality, have highlighted the possibility of bringing together significant forces capable of carrying out multidisciplinary research projects that address societal challenges and fall into one or more of the five priority action programmes of the SNR (National Research Strategy). Each project will receive an individual assessment.

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