Disability: a priority for the five-year term

Disability affects 12 million French people. Attached to the Prime Minister’s office, the State Secretariat for Disabled People will make disability policies a priority for this five-year term.
In order to improve the living conditions and resources available to disabled people, the Government outlined a series of measures at the Council of Ministers held on 7 June 2017.

Measures in favour of children and families

  • Increase adapted support to ensure that all disabled children have access to school, extracurricular and after-school activities just like everyone else.
  • From July, begin consultations on the development of the 4th autism plan.
  • Improve the working conditions of accompanying persons and the quality of life of family carers.

Measures in favour of employment and purchasing power

  • Develop learning and training for disabled job-seekers.
  • Promote the recruitment of disabled people by mobilising all public service stakeholders.
  • Raise the Adult Disability Allowance (AHH) by 100 euros a month.

Measures in favour of accessibility

  • Increase mobility across transport systems by identifying all accessible routes, and support improved accessibility through the transport investment plan.
  • Promote inclusive housing developments by removing administrative barriers and draw up a transparent list of suitable housing.
  • Boost access to digital public services through technological innovation.


Although the legislative and regulatory framework on disability has been established, it is complex and generates too many multi-tiered operations. The Government’s mission is to decompartmentalise and simplify as much as possible by creating solutions based on individual needs and the expertise of disabled people and their families. This will be achieved through consulting all stakeholders, especially local authorities. Simplifying access to rights and improving quality of service will guide the implementation of this policy.
20 September 2017: first Interministerial Committee for Disability (CIH) meeting of the five-year term, on the theme "Living with a disability on a daily basis”.

6 July 2017: the 4th Autism Plan was officially launched at the Élysée Palace. With the Ministers for Solidarity and Health, Agnès Buzyn, National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer and Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Frédérique Vidal, in joint attendance, the commitment to taking a cross-government approach to the problem of autism was clearly in evidence. Sophie Cluzel, Minister of State for Disabled People, stressed the importance of working together with associations of users and their families so that full account can be taken of their collective expertise in the field. Five key work strands will inform discussions:
  1. Including autistic young people and children in education: access to learning, from infant school right through to higher education level, as well as vocational training. 
  2. Including autistic adults in society and ensuring they can exercise their citizenship to the full (including access to jobs and housing).
  3. Support for families, meeting their needs and taking their expertise on board across all pathways and access to healthcare. 
  4. Research, innovation and university education.
  5. The quality of measures carried out, training of professionals and guidance provided in terms of change management.
Talks will be held in local areas and through national workgroups until the end of 2017.  

7 June 2017: statement to the Council of Ministers