PM Bernard Cazeneuve and Britich PM Theresa May
20 February 2017

Brexit: "We need to be on clear, frank and pragmatic terms with the British"

On 17 February, Bernard Cazeneuve met with his British counterpart, Theresa May, in London. During their meeting he called for "a clear method" in Britain’s departure from the European Union and underscored the willingness to negotiate "the terms of this departure". "Then, once these terms have been clearly discussed and negotiated, we can talk about our new relationship", he told the French community.
Content published under the Government Cazeneuve from 2016 06th December to 2017 14th May

See the video here (in French)
Brexit : "Nous devons être dans une méthode faite de clarté, de franchise et de pragmatisme dans la relation avec les Britanniques"

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