1 April 2017

Bernard Cazeneuve praises the spirit of responsibility of the Guianese people

On Wednesday 29 March, Bernard Cazeneuve made a further statement concerning the situation in French Guiana. He praised the spirit of responsibility of the Guianese people who have shown their commitment to establishing a calm and constructive dialogue. As part of this approach, he asked the Minister of the Interior, Matthias Fekl, and the Minster for Overseas France, Ericka Bareigts, to go to French Guiana in order to continue the work started by the high level delegation which has been in French Guiana since last Saturday. He thereby hopes to "conclude an ambitious and improved pact which responds to the concerns of the Guianese people".
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See the video (in French):
Bernard Cazeneuve salue l'esprit de responsabilité des Guyanais